Links related to Sharon Presley:

SP Facebook page

Women Resisters to Authority
Facebook page created by SP
Sharon Presley's political/social activist web site

Resources for Independent Thinking
Nonprofit organization promoting independent and critical thinking
Dr. Presley is the Executive Director

Standing Up to Experts and Authorities
Sharon Presley's new book
Site promoting the works of 19th c. American resister, Voltairine de Cleyre
and her anthology, Exquisite Rebel, co-edited by Dr. Presley

Autonomy in the Family
Coalition of 3 groups promoting nonauthoritarian family choices
in child-rearing and education, co-founded by Dr. Presley

Association of Libertarian Feminists
Promoting nonauthoritarian alternatives to sexism
Dr. Presley is the National Coordinator

Professor Presley at Cal State University East Bay
Dr. Presley recently retired from teaching in the Psychology Dept. at CSUEB, Hayward

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